The new 'Freshness Cheese Burger' is a goda · cheddar · mozzarella taste of kimo

Freshness Burger renewed from Monday, November 10 "Freshness Cheeseburger"We are selling it. As I renewed, I used Gouda · Cheddar · Mozzarella and finished it with a special sauce made with wine and went to a shop and ate and ate.

Freshness Burger New Product "Freshness Cheese Burger" Special sauce finished with wine, three kinds of coders of Gouda, Cheddar, Mozzarella Use November 10, Monday, 2014 released
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Arrived at Freshness Burgers.

Also appeal "freshness cheeseburger" at stores. We also sell soup sets with lobster bisque and so on.

We entered a shop and ordered a soup set (690 yen without tax) with a lobster bisque at the cash register.

Waiting In less than 10 minutes, a set of freshness cheeseburger and lobster bisque arrived.

Freshness cheeseburger tomatoes cut considerably thick.

There was about half the height of iPhone 6.

Buns used things that kneaded chestnut pumpkin.

Tomatoes were thicker than Patty.

You can see fine meat in special sauce.

The cheese is melting and is on the beef patty.

Impression that somewhat difficult to hold because tomato is thicker than ordinary hamburgers.

With a bit of bite, melted cheese is rich in flavor with plenty of flavor, plenty of compatibility with beef patty. I feel the taste of meat and wine from the sauce, and it contains onions and tomatoes, so it tastes like meat sauce with strong taste of meat and cheese. Although I am using mayonnaise, I felt that I do not need it because it disturbs the taste of cheese.

It is regrettable that the presence of large tomatoes. It is not that the taste does not match, but the amount of tomatoes is so cold that the texture of the cheese as a tortoise is difficult to enjoy. The size of tomatoes may vary somewhat depending on the shops, but this amount seemed to be too much.

The lobster bisque is a soup that blended tomatoes based on Amekenee sauce with condensed lobster taste.

Fresh cream is on.

When eating, the taste of the shrimp is also rich, but the taste of the tomato is strong, making the taste of somewhat shrimp hard to enjoy. Because it has a strong taste, I feel like eating with bread etc. rather than eating with a hamburger. But if you ask with a set you can order with Hamburger Plus 291 yen (single item 378 yen), so it seems to be said that it is a nice set for the price.

Both Freshness Cheese Burger and Lobster Bisque are sold as a regular menu.

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