I tried a hamburger "Demi Hamburg series" with a whole thick demygrass hamburger sandwiched between first kitchen · wendies

Demiglas sauce hamburger with rich demi-glace sauce on hamburg with soft texture using beef and pork meat meat should have many people like kids and adults. It is said that you used such demi-glace sauce hamburger for luxuryIberico Avocado Demi Hamburger Sand"Cheese Melt Bacon Egg Demi Hamburger Sandwich"Rich Demi Hamburger Meat Pasta"From December 7, 2017 (Thursday), the first kitchen and Wendy's collaboration store"First Kitchen · Wendy's"Appeared from. Everything I've eaten is that it's a luxurious pasta and a hamburger that uses the whole demiglas sauce hamburger steak.

NEWS - "Demi hamburger series" new release

Arrived at First Kitchen · Wendy.

A picture of "Demi hamburger series" was displayed in front of the shop.

"Cheese melt bacon egg demi hamburger sand" "Iberico avocado demi hamburger sand" "Confense demi hamburger meat pasta" arrived in less than 10 minutes after ordering.

"Iberico Avocado Demi Hamburger Sand" is a luxurious hamburger with bacon of Iberico pork on top of demiglace hamburger.

Comparing the size with iPhone 6s is like this.

Looking at the top buns, you can see two bacon of thick Iberian pigs and an avocado cut off.

Demiglas hamburger under the bacon also has plenty of presence.

When eating, the feeling of bacon and demiglas hamburger feeling is still felt this way, even if only this one can get considerable satisfaction. There are some patties that are sandwiched between fast food hamburgers, "Pasa Pasa ... ...." There is sad feeling, but Demiglas hamburger is juicy and well balanced with the refreshing flavor of avocado.

"Cheese Melt Bacon Egg Demi Hamburger Sand" is an appetite of cheese melted out in wrapping paper.

Compared to iPhone 6s this is like this.

When you remove the top buns, melted cheese spreads over the bacon eggs and stimulates appetite just by looking.

Demiglace hamburg, which was hiding under the bacon egg, also had plenty of cheese.

When eating it immediately, the gentle sweetness of the egg and the salty hamburger demiglace sauce are splendidly combined. Both eggs and hamburgers are thick and the volume is perfect. The amount of melted cheese varies from place to place and brings about a change in taste.

Finally "Rich Demi Hamburger Meat Pasta"

Compared to iPhone 6s this is like this.

Demiglace sauce put on top of the pasta with demiglace hamburger shines brightly, and the mind blows just by watching it.

Pasta with mochi is frequently involved with spicy meat sauce and the sauce is stewed with red wine, demiglace sauce and fresh cream, and it has a response to eat, which can be very deliciously eaten.

When I cut hamburg with a fork, I felt like a fluffy ground minced meat. When I ate pasta for a while, when I ate hamburgers, a change in taste was brought and pasta with a lot of quantity was eaten without getting tired.

"Iberico Avocado Demi Hamburger Sand" is 780 yen including tax, "Cheese Melt Bacon Egg Demi Hamburger Sand" is 650 yen including tax, "Rich Demi Hamburger Meat Pasta" is 720 yen including tax, December 7, 2017 (Thursday) It is appearing from the first kitchen · Wendy's nationwide. Also from December 7, 2017 (Thur)Even at regular First Kitchen stores "Demi hamburger series" appeared, "Avocado Tartar Demi Hamburger Sand" (460 yen including tax), "Cheddar Cheese Demi Hamburger Sand" (380 yen including tax), "Rich Demi Hamburger Meat Pasta" (720 yen including tax) are offered here.

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