I have eaten Burger King's "Teriyaki Wapper" who has reached the long-awaited revival

Burger King started from April 17th (Friday) 2015, burned as a hidden taste on the soy sauce base, and used "direct fire scorchi sauce" containing green onion and red misoTeriyaki Wapper"Teriyaki Wapper JuniorWe started selling it at all stores. Bacon · Grill Onion · Lettuce · Mayonnaise is the volume full of Teriyaki products that is a long-awaited resurgence, so I went to the shop and ate to eat.

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Arrived at Burger King.

A poster was posted on the shop front.

I ordered "Teriyaki Wapper" (690 yen including tax), "Teriyaki Wapper Junior" (490 yen including tax). It was a shop where you can see the cooking scenery through the glass.

Two hamburgers arrived in just about two minutes.

"Teriyaki Wapper" is one of the biggest hamburgers in the hamburger chain using beef patties about 13 cm in diameter and about 1 cm in thickness. Beef patty of "Teriyaki Wapper Junior" is about 9 cm in diameter, both of which are finished with direct flame.

Inside of "Teriyaki Wapper" is a direct flame burning sauce, mayonnaise, grilled onion, bacon, direct fire grilled patty and lettuce in turn, from the top, and the source and mayonnaise are also painted under the lettuce .

Compared to the iPhone 5s, it looks like this, it is a hamburger feels overwhelming presence.

I will eat it at once. It is a staple of Wapper that a hamburger seems to collapse by its own weight just by holding it in his hand. The sauce is not as plentiful as it gathers in a bag like Moss Burger, but depending on the place it is dangerous that the hand is dirty enough to protrude from the side so be cautious.

When burning, "Direct-fire sintering sauce" is not only sweet but also rich in flavor, full flavor of soy sauce scent. "If you bake chicken baked as it is, you can establish a dish as a dish ... ..." It seems that it was a popular item before, it is a convincing taste. Although the grilled onion was slightly smaller, I also thought that the balance was good, but since this is also compatible with the sauce, it is not a problem. Bacon has smelled smell in the mouth when eating, plus juicy overall.

Next, I will try to eat 'Teriyaki Wapper Junior' of reasonable size. Likewise, compared with iPhone 5s, it is just about two-thirds in size. Even though it is called "Junior", there are other hamburger chain hamburgers of normal size.

Of course, the ingredients sandwiched are the same as "Teriyaki Wapper", so if you are a person who says "The size of the wapper is too big," it is a good choice. "Teriyaki Wapper Junior" only, Potato M set is available at 790 yen at a regular price of 850 yen for a limited time.

Furthermore, "Teriyaki Wapper" and "Teriyaki Wapper Junior" will be sold for a limited time from April 17 (Friday) until early June. When it was released in 2013, it was said that it was popular enough to have the largest number of new items among new products of the year, and it is a hamburger that you should try once.

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