BBQ realistically reproduced with direct fire "BBQ Wapper / Grill" Taste Review

McDonald'sBBQ beef and barbecue chickenIn the same way as when I brought out, Burger King also became a new work "BBQ Wapper"When"BBQ grillWe started selling, and when I ate McDonald 's barbecue I went to eat that I should also eat Burger King.

Campaign | BURGER KING: Burger King

Arrived at the store.

We also appeal new products even at store signs.

The menu was replaced with a new item.

Fresh burgers arrived after waiting for about 3 minutes.

The left "BBQ Wapper (480 yen including tax)" is slightly larger than "BBQ grill (240 yen tax included)" on the right. Wappers' buns are 13 cm in diameter and slightly bigger than Big Mac's 11 cm. The BBQ grill is sold at a campaign price for 200 yen including tax.

BBQ Wapper can see Lettuce, Grilled Onion, Bacon, Pickles, Beef Patty in side view.

There were quite a lot of grains of peppers peppers.

Mayonnaise is painted under the upper row of the buns.

A little Onion is burnt and you can see the pepper of the rough on the beef patty.

It is slightly long in the length so it's hard to put in a little, but when you put it in your mouth it will taste not only the BBQ sauce but also the savory beef patties burned in direct fire and a little scorched onion. Because they are pinched by ingredients familiar to hamburgers such as buns, pickles and lettuce, it is possible to taste the taste quite similar to outdoor barbecue with hamburgers. The sweet BBQ sauce contains a lot of pepper and it has a sharp taste, but at the end it might tire of getting bored because the taste is strong at the end.

Attention is necessary because it sticks when the source spills.

Next, another new product "BBQ grill" looks like this. As grilled onion is not contained like BBQ Wapper, the height is not much

Mayonnaise is painted like the BBQ Wapper under the upper row of the buns.

Lettuce, tomato, un grilled onion, pork patty are sandwiched between buns. Unlike BBQ Wapper, pepper grain could not be confirmed much.

I will eat it. Since vegetables are contained in a larger amount than BBQ Wapper, although the taste of sweet and sour BBQ sauce is strong, you can eat as much as you like, but smoky flavors of direct fire are thin. Both Buns and Patty are smaller than BBQ Wapper, so the presence of Mayonnaise stands out. Since it also becomes sticky a little, attention is necessary when eating.

So, it will be warmer days before and after the Golden Week, and the day that the barbecue can be held in the open space will also increase, but those who are busy with work or are hard to prepare for the barbecue are easy to barbecue in the BBQ series of BBQ series It should be ant to feel sick.

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