Stability that is not ashamed of the name of "exquisite", a renewed "exquisite cheeseburger" and a newly introduced "excellent hamburger" taste review

Popular product of Lotteria "Superb cheeseburger"Was renewed from today, more affordable"Excellent hamburgers"As a member of the new menu, I quickly ate to the shop quickly and eaten.

Speaking of "exquisite cheeseburger" is a very simple constitution called buns, patty, cheese but stuck to the material, but this time the renewal cheese is increased by 20%, further using two types of gouda and cheddar It is said that it is a burger that can enjoy more rich cheese feeling with. In addition, "Exquisite Hamburger" is a specially made flavored onion with flavored vegetablesSharia pin sourceIt seems to be a feature, has it finally been finished in a quality not ashamed of the name of "exquisite" this time?

Lotteria's new menu is from the following.Campaign · Topics Details | Renewal "Exquisite cheeseburger", New appearance of "Hamburger excellent!"

I arrived at Lotteria when the sun was falling.

Expectation will be enhanced in any dependable banner such as "Excellent" beyond "exquisite"!

We ordered "exquisite cheese burger" and "excellent hamburger" separately.

This was renewed "exquisite cheeseburger" single item 360 yen. Yellow wrapping paper reminds me of cheese.

Try opening it like this.

I took it out. It is a slightly small impression of cheeseburger.

I tried to take the buns and it was a hard work because I was tightly attached to Patty by cheese. It looks like a pretty sticky cheese.

Cheddar cheese sticks evenly to the buns.

Patti got tangled with Gouda cheese.

By the way, buns only under patty. It is a really simple burger.

Leaving it to appetite, I got stuck with Gaburi, I was surprised by the texture of the buns first. It looks as if it is bakery bread's aroma, buns with a slightly hard surface are even better as bread. The compatibility of rich cheese with deep flavor and patty with somewhat crispness is very good, it is only 3 kinds of simple ingredients such as buns, cheese and patty, but "this is all you need for hamburgers There was a discovery that ...!! If you love cheese and hamburgers, is not it a gem that can enjoy happy time?

Subsequently, "New Hamburgers" in a new menu separately 290 yen. There is a difference of 70 yen from "exquisite cheeseburger".

When I opened the wrapping paper, I felt like a small burger.

Although it is understood well, it is a small class as a hamburger.

When opening the buns carelessly, only Patty with fried onion and sharpener pin sauce. It is still simple anywhere.

Spicy stimulus of black pepper stimulates the mouth while the quality of the buns shines like "exquisite cheeseburger". There was not such a thing as Patty mixed sweet hot Western - style sauce and black pepper 's spirit was feeling like somewhere to eat steak and there was not cheese so feeling unsatisfactory .

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