Domestic meat 100% use, Mos Burger's "exquisite hamburger sand" tasting review

Moss burger bought a new product "honorable hamburger sand" from December 27 last year and tried it. Recently there were many new products and limited items of new products, but this time it is quite orthodox changing patty. "Moss history best! Domestic meat 100% HorseAlthough it seems to be considerable if you believe in the appeal that it is, how is it going?

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MOS BURGER birth of hamburger sand

I bought it.

"Hamburger sand" and "Cheese hamburg sandwich" to distinguish by tape.

Rounded buns with fluffy fish like an appen. Looks likeLotteria's "Exquisite Cheese Burger"It is similar to, but it is not particularly seasoned with sweetness.

"Exquisite Hamburger Sand". It is a simple thing that only Patty and carved cabbage are sandwiched between the buns.

Sticky Cheese "Hamburger Sand".

The patty is baked heavily and its fragrant flavor. However, the balance between Patti and the buns is not so good, I feel I just forced to hang the hamburger with bread. "Moss history best! Domestic meat 100% HorseI was expecting quite a bit, so I just wanted to do another hard work.

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