Mos Burger releases "Harusame Chinese Prawn Katsu Burger" for a limited time only

From 28th April to mid June. In short, they seemed to have made a prawn cut burger a Chinese style.
The price is 380 yen including tax. ~ New variations of popular item "shrimp Katsu burger" appeared for a limited time ~
"Chunhyu shrimp prawn cutlet burger" new release!

It looks a little tasty.

● Vermicelli Chinese prawn cutlet burger (380 yen / tax included)
It is a Chinese style hamburgers with a new sense of shrimp salad combined with shrimp cracks that you can enjoy using the prawns abundantly abundantly and feel the mouthful feel and delicious texture of the shrimps. For sausage fried shrimp crackers, we combined vermicelli salad with Chinese - style sauce that was delicious with mayonnaise - flavored dressing. A moderately sweet taste of Chinese sauce and pungent taste of the peppers can fully complement the taste and flavor of the shrimp and you can enjoy a refreshing taste by matching the spring and rain salad. It is a dish with eating response with apparent volume.

And that. It seems to be able to make it by myself ...

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