Kentucky, "Cajun hot chicken" new release

In short, since the repertoire of chicken is only the taste of clothes, I feel that it will be able to increase the number as much as possible, but if it is the same texture, it is still not interesting to the extent that the taste changes somewhat, it is Fukudashita It is proved in a series to taste. Kentucky 's development policy to change the taste while changing the texture to some extent then is correct.

A spicy blend of spice and fragrance that makes herbs and spices work!
KFC, a new flavor of dry flavor chicken "Cajun hot chicken" released
Popular biscuits, sweet and sour cranberry flavored
"Cranberry Biscuit" is newly released
"Rough croquette Nan sando" which sandwiched Hokuhoku croquette in a new sale

It is like this

Release from April 13th. One piece 220 yen, 6 pieces in three pieces.

Also it looks delicious.

We use two kinds of potatoes from Hokkaido! "Coarse croquettesand sand"

290 yen including tax.

Two kinds of Hokkaido potatoes of Baron and Toyoshiro were coarsely crushed,
Mix Australian cooked beef and sautéed onion and made black pepper spicy,
Hokkoku croquette and fresh sliced ​​cabbage,
Add a pumpkin based on a jun sauce and tomato ketchup to a mild and rich flavor
A finished bistro-like sauce is a luxurious sand that is sandwiched between Nan of the mochi texture.

This is also from 13th April. Kintakki seems to be very tasty except for chicken ....

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