Moss burger "Curry Chicken Burger" curry fade in clothes

Mos Burger's new product which is on sale today from Friday, July 20"Curry Chicken Burger"I bought it and ate it.

"Curry Chicken Burger" that sandwiched chicken fried chicken fried chicken meat with chunky clothes on sweet mellow curry sauce based on demiglas sauce and sandwiched cabbage and mayonnaise on top of it But what is the taste like?

Details are as follows.
It is the usual paper bag.

Packaging looks like this.

He said that he should open it as it is without taking it out of the bag and eat it. It seems that it uses sauces abundantly.

I just opened it. This is "Curry Chicken Burger".

A lot of sliced ​​cabbage is used. Mayonnaise and curry sauce seem to taste good.

I tried tearing. The meat is very soft.

Although I tried to eat it, the sauce of mellow taste with mayonnaise and curry fits both cabbage and juicy soft chicken fries well, and compatibility with the buns was outstanding. It is a match feeling close to curry pan somehow. Curry is not very spicy, but I feel a little spicy.

In addition, the chicken fried was delicious not only where the clothes were fluffy and crispy, but also the place where the sauce was stained was delicious, I enjoyed the taste which changes with the degree of the source. This time it is the impression that we have delivered a burger that seems to be "delicious" straight. Is not this a good one?

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