"Vegetachi wrap" with plentiful sweet and lots of sauce and tasty reviews "crispy delicious chicken" for stores only

On May 21st (Friday), a new product "Vegachikirap" was released from Kentucky Fried Chicken. This is a commodity using charcoal grilled chicken and shakiyakiba burdock, and it is stated that "vegetable · Kentucky begins."

In addition, because I knew that "crispy umami chicken" was secretly sold at the store by readers, I went to see the stores that can eat both at once and eat.

Review from below.
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What I visited this timeEastern eastern shop. It is natural that a new product 's veggie wraps are out, but in the center is a crispy umami chicken.

In a shop that offers crispy umami chickenRed hot chickenIt will be on sale from June 18th (Thursday).

That's why I bought a set of vegetable wrap (600 yen) and crispy umami chicken (250 yen), an original chicken for eating comparison (240 yen). Vegetable wrap is 340 yen if it is a single item.

First of all I receive it from Vegetachi wrap.

Originally we cut off the upper half of the bag and eat it, but take it out from the bag to see the contents.

I opened it. Chicken and burdock salad are main.

I returned it to the bag again. Sauce of chicken has plenty of sweetness and also contains spicy, and it feels like some kind of eating yakitori. The green curls and lettuce wrapped in tortilla together produce a refreshing aftertape coupled with the burdock's shaky rustic texture, making it easier to eat than Twister. By collapsing it in a small way, it is saved that there is not enough sagging.

Here is a crispy delicious shop chicken (left) and an original chicken sold everywhere (right).

Appearance is slightly crispy umami chicken has become fox color, spiced with sprinkle. Original chicken loses color.

The clothing of Kentucky's original chicken is moist, but when the crispy umami chicken gets caught, the clothes really make a crisp sound. In addition, the seasoning is also spicy pepper taste against salty-based original chicken, and Kentucky chicken is just good for those who think that spicy is not enough for salt.

Crispy umami The clothes of chicken are thin and crisp.

The clothing of the original chicken is thick and moist and fluffy.

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