Kentucky fried chicken without boneless "Bonres chicken" tasting review

Since Kentucky Fried Chicken had released boneless "boneless chicken" from today, I bought it. Speaking of Kentucky, it was an image of chicken brought in with bone parts, so I was wondering what kind of chicken it would be, but I am relieved because it was a Kentucky-like taste.

Review from below.
Kentucky Fried Chicken | Merchandise Information | Campaign Information | Boneless Chicken

The box is also boneless chicken specification.


It is fried fish.

Oil is staining well.

I cut off the upper half of the bag and graze it.

There is really no bone at all.

Because there is no bone, although there is no delicious part stuck to the bones, it is nice to be able to gimble round from the head without worrying about anything. It is slightly juicy compared to bone chicken, but it feels smoother, but the taste is delicious with a flavor that adds a little spice to the usual Kentucky. It is not enough to eat for dinner, but the price is also suppressed, so it seems not to be bad to eat as a snack.

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