I tried 'Takkarubiman of Toro-ri Cheese' from FamilyMart where hot cheese flows out.

A new ' Torori Cheese Dak-galbi Manga ' has been added to FamilyMart's Chinese Manga from November 16, 2021 (Tuesday), so I tried it.

Dak-galbi Man with Toro-ri Cheese | Product Information | FamilyMart


In the hot snack corner of FamilyMart, a large panel was pasted to announce the appearance of 'Takkarubiman of Toro-ri Cheese'.

I bought it right away.

The dough for Chinese steamed buns is a little yellow.

When you break it, you will get literally 'Torori cheese'. It's hot, so be careful when eating it.

It looks bright red, but because it uses gochujang and tianmian sauce, the sweetness spreads first, followed by a tingling stimulus. Cheese seems to contribute to this sweetness, but the taste of the sauce is strong overall, and the presence of cheese is weak as a taste. Then, the chicken with umami rolls into your mouth. I was happy that this chicken was a little bigger.

'Torori Cheese Dak-galbi Man' is 160 yen including tax.

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