"Japanese potato scallops butter butter sauce" taste as it is to eat in a pub

As for convenience stores, "Nagomi potato hot potato butter soy sauce flavor" of lake ponds lined up, so I bought it and ate it eating. It seems that it is a commodity sold only from convenience stores on 26th February.

"Scallop butter butter sauce taste" seems to be a very rare taste, but how about taste really?

Details are as follows.
It seems that it is tastefully flavored with authentic Japanese style butter butter as if it is "rough" on average. I am interested in what kind of taste it is.

I ordered it on a dish. It smells somewhat strange.

Although it is an impression which I tried eating, when chewing, the taste of scattered scattered spreads in the mouth as it chews, and at the same time, it tastes slightly butter sauce. Reproduction of scallops is rather high. It is an unusual taste, but it is very tasty.

While I was eating somehow, I became interested in eating buttery soy sauce scallops in Izakaya. Is not it suitable not only as a snack but also for drinking?

The official page is here.

Scallop's rich taste becomes addictive!
"Wagon (Nagomi) potato scallops butter butter soy sauce" new release

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