Lawson's "Habanero Mayo Frank" is pretty spicy but mellow

I bought Lawson's "Habanero Mayo Frank" which is on sale from July 17th. There is cut corner mayonnaise in sausage of spicy, it is hot and mellow taste.

Details are as follows.
It is contained in such a bag.

I got it.

up. It is quite lustrous with oil.

White ones in it are cut not cut cheese, mayonnaise.

Because sausage enters habanero, it is pretty spicy, and the mellowness of mayonnaise spreads out in the mouth afterwards. I do not want to have a single size with one size, but it looks good when I am a little hungry. Rather than being rather a snack, it makes me feel like a beer snack.

Lawson 's release is below.

Hot items in hot summer! Product release using pungent "Habanero"! It is!

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