Lawson's "Roasted garlic frank" is garlic-flavored tight

I bought Lawson's "Roasted Garlic Frank" which was released on October 16 (Tuesday). previousHabanero Mayo FrankJust like Frank, it was a fancy finish.

Details are as follows.
It is contained in such oil resistant paper.

I got out of the bag.

Ketchup and mustard followed.

A guy like coming out with meals etc.

cross section. I can see tsubutsu, this is like roast garlic.

I eat it with ketchup and mustard.

As expected, the flavor of the garlic is quite tight. It is roasted so it is not as good as grated garlic, but if you eat it at noon, it seems that odor will remain as likely to affect in the afternoon. It seems that beer will advance if you try snacks.

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