Calbee "Potato chips garlic chili" is a hot spicy stick

Calbee bought "Potato Chips Garlic Chili" which is on sale from June 18 (Monday). I feel I ate a lot of hot chips and garlic chips recently, but what is this feeling? Speaking of potato chips, it seems quite possible for Calbee alone.

Details are as follows.
News Release "Potato Chips Garlic Chili"

Backside. The balance between garlic and red pepper seems to be exquisite.

I tried it on a dish. It looks like a darker color than ordinary potato chips, but it has quite a strong garlic odor.

It seems to be potato chips, it is not too spicy, although it seasons considerably strong. As the complaint behind the bag, the balance between garlic and chilli is quite well taken, it is painful and good. Spicyness does not come to a tongue like a habanero or a nod, so it may be unsatisfactory for those who love to spice. I think that I am conscious of seasoning considerably for general considerably on the whole.

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