"Potato chips commitment taste chili pepper" has a depth and taste and bitterness

Calbee's Potato ChipsAs a new product for convenience stores only "Tatami chili pepper of potato chips commitmentSince it appeared, I bought it and tried to eat it while it tasted bolly.

Based on soy sauce taste, it is finished in adult flavor which blended 10 kinds of Japanese spices (red chilli, sesame, paste, chestnut, red shiso, wasabi, green tea, yuzu, blue pepper, Japanese pepper) , It feels like spicy somehow.

Therefore, taste and appearance etc. are from the following.Tatami chili pepper of potato chips commitment

"Potato chips commitment taste chilli" which somewhere has a Japanese-style atmosphere.

It seems to be for adults.

It seems that there are various "prejudices" such as seasoning.

It is a raw material name. There is only "taste" and it seems that there are more raw materials than common potato chips.

Calories are 412 Kcal in one bag.

I opened it. It mixes with the oily scent possessed by potato chips, and a slightly complicated scent of Shichimen chilli pepper nose.

Looking like this when you try it on a plate.

When I started eating with Bolivoli, it was pretty thick and it was hard, so I enjoyed crispy chewy. "Soy sauce" is sitting on the base of the taste, and after a while the spicyness spreads gently. It may be a bit of a painful level for a bitter person. The direction of the taste is not like the Shichimi chilli, it is a complicated flavor with depth. It may be odd and greasy, so it may be suitable for snacks.

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