"Cup Columno Jude Horigori with Nanami Chilli Pepper" is exquisite seven-colored pepper

I was curious to pick it up"Cup Kankocho with Ken no Hori Naniro Chilli"I bought it immediately because it was sold at convenience stores. Seven colored peppers were on the lid, so when I sprinkled it all, it was well matched with colchorto and chilli.

Details are as follows.
The back side of Nanako chilli. It seems hot to put in all, challenging to spicy.

Nanaki chilli. There are quite a few parts.


I shook it well. Even red colored peppers on the surface of red columno ....

In the cup there are a lot of seven colored pepper powder.

When I tried it, the spicyness was slightly higher than the normal columnocho. However, it is not just a stimulus to stimulate the inside of the mouth, but the fragrance of nori and the sesame black sesame season often appear, and the spicy of cold spicy sweets and the spicy of chili peppers are well matched. I felt that hotness was not that strong, but it was due to the ingredients of red peppers and other ingredients that sweat oozed out of my forehead and back. It is not good to throw in a lot at once in a mouth, so it is good to do polypoly while drinking tea.

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