"Columno Chips Hachiman Shakugeo Tang Taste" Taste Review

"Column Choo Chips Hachiman Shou Goro Goro Taste from Tang" was added to the Koikeya Columnoos Series, which has a store in Yoshimitsuji Nagano Prefecture, which is a shop of Yahata Yakugoro, so please buy it and eat it It was. Before,Seasonal hot pepper flavorThere was also a thing, but what kind of pepper is this time?

Details are as below.
Columno Hachiman Shou Goro Goro from Tang Taste | Lake Ikebaya Co., Ltd.

The contents of the Nanpu Tang Temari mustard are seven kinds of hemp fruit, shiso, cinnamon, peppermint, sesame, ginger, pepper.

Raw materials etc.

I opened it in a dish.

The appearance is not much different from the columnar chips.

Although ordinary columno is spicy, this product seems to add depth to its spiciness. It is very fragrant, and if you like column-chos, I think I will eat it in the blink of an eye-catching. However,Cup Kuchocho with Ken no Hori Naniro chilliIf it was pepper, it was a separate attachment so I understood how much pepper it contained, but it seems a little regrettable that it is not a special product in appearance.

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