15 types of charge plan of iPhone revealed

It is an iPhone that will be released on June 29 in the U.S. time, but the rate plan was announced from Apple and AT & T T for that. It seems that there are 15 patterns in all, for individuals and families, and for those already subscribing to AT & amp; T.

Details are as follows.
Apple - iPhone - Rate Plans for iPhone

The personal plan is the lowest at 59.99 dollars (about 7400 yen) per month, from which $ 79.99 (about 9900 yen), 99.99 dollar (about 12,400 yen), 119.99 dollar (about 14,800 yen) , Rising to 169.99 dollars (about 21,000 yen), the highest is 219.99 dollars (about 27200 yen). The difference is the use time, if it is a 59.99 dollar plan, it is 450 minutes / month, if it is a 79.99 doll plan it will be 900 minutes / month and if it is a 219.99 doll plan it is 6000 minutes / month.

The family plan is from 80.00 dollars a month (about 9900 yen), and it is a form of adding $ 29.99 per month (about 3710 yen) per iPhone. Family discount is applied if more than two units are contracted in the family at a monthly charge of more than 109.99 dollars (about 13,600 yen). Because this plan shares time, it may not be suitable for heavy users.

In both plans, it is said that visual voicemail, use time carryover, etc. are available, and data communication and calls between mobile phones are unlimited.

For AT & T subscribers, there is a service plan of data communication + SMS message from 20 dollars a month (about 2500 yen) to 40 dollars (about 5000 yen). Visual voicemail is also available for this plan, and data communication is unlimited. The usage time seems to be according to the plan of AT & T.

At least 2 years wireless service plan contract and activation fee is required, furthermore the main price is 499 dollars for the 4GB model and $ 599 for the 8GB model (about 74,000 yen). The plan is not so cheap, but if you look at the contents you can use unlimited calls between mobile phones and it is a full of fulfillment that can not be thought in Japan. I am looking forward to how much it will spread.

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