Most of the model is in the 1 to 20,000 yen range, NTT docomo reveals the price of the summer 2011 smartphone in 2011

NTT DoCoMo 's summer 2011 presentation held today, Nine new models of smartphones were announced, but among them revealed the rough price range of smartphones.

It is a content that seems to give momentum to popularization, such as the fact that the model of the real 1 to 20,000 yen range becomes the majority.

Details are as below.
In response to a question about the price range of the smartphone received in the Q & A session of the NTT docomo 2011 summer model presentation that was held today, President Yamada said "basically the dealer will decide" , NTT DoCoMo clarified the actual selling price of smartphone assumed.

President Yamada was introduced in March"Monthly support" that discounts a fixed amount from the monthly usage fee for up to 24 months according to the modelAbout the real price of the smartphone when using9 models are less than mid 30,000 yen, 2 models of 30,000 yen, 2 models of 20,000 yen and 1 model of 10,000 yen"Answer. We are announcing that we will raise the sales volume of smartphones to 6 million units.

For users who do not use it for 24 months and frequently replace it, the terminal price before discount is also a concern, but the real price setting of high-end models in the first half of the 30,000 yen range and low-end models of the 10,000 yen range, Is not it attractive to general users who are shunning that "smart phones are expensive"?

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