Presenting e-Mobile's "high-speed mobile campaign" realizes UQ WiMAX perfect counter price

EMOBILE announced the introduction of "high-speed mobile campaign" to the high-speed communication service "EMOBILE G4" with a maximum downlink of 42 Mbps at the 2011 summer model presentation.

We are launching a completely competitive price that aimed at UQ WiMAX competing in high-speed data communication business.

Details are as below.
The population coverage rate of "EMOBILE G4" with a maximum downlink of 42 Mbps is 60%, and the population coverage rate up to 7.2 Mbps has reached about 92%.

A new "high-speed mobile campaign" will be deployed from June 17th to September 30th, and "EMOBILE G4 data plan" will be available for 3880 yen for up to 25 months. In addition, the monthly amount of 3880 yen is exactly the same amount as UQ WiMAX 1 year contract plan "UQ Flat annual passport".

You can check the contents of the campaign from the following link.

E-Mobile official website

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