UQ WiMAX surpassed eMobile's net increase for 2 consecutive months, number of base stations exceeded 13,000 stations

In the net add-on number of subscribers for November 2010,UQ WiMAX exceeded eMobile for the first timeI informed you that the next month also revealed that it reversed by recording the net increase that became the highest since service started.

In addition, the area expansion is proceeding smoothly, and it is said that the number of base stations has surpassed 13,000 stations.

Details are as below.
According to the monthly contract data summarized by KDDI, parent company of UQ Communications which develops "UQ WiMAX" and the number of contracts compiled by EMOBILE, UQ Communications will be the highest ever recorded in December 2010 It is said that it was 82,900, e-Mobile was 71,400.

This means that UQ Communications has exceeded EMOBILE for the second consecutive month following November 2010 (UQ WiMAX is 61,900, e-Mobile is 50,600) in the previous month. Moreover, the cumulative number of subscribers of UQ WiMAX exceeded 520,000, and the cumulative number of EMOBILE subscribers is 2.92 million.

Mobile service monthly contract data | data collection | KDDI CORPORATION

Number of subscribers | EMOBILE COMPANY | Corporate information

For UQ Communications's reason for recording a strong increase in press release,New price plan that will become the industry's lowest rate "UQ Flat Annual Passport"And WiMAX Speed ​​Wi - Fi, a mobile router that will be able to use WiMAX lines with wireless LAN devices, WiMAX built - in personal computer sales promotion plan "WiMAX PC Value Set"And so on.

By the way, although the area expansion situation of UQ WiMAX is concerned, the number of base stations has exceeded 13,000 stations, and the real population coverage rate reaches approximately 70% (68.8%).Expanding the number of base stations to 15,000 stations by the end of FY 2010It is clarifying.

With e-mobile's policy of selling laptops, iPod touch, Nintendo DS and PSP at a low price to users who have newly signed up for mobile wireless LAN router "Pocket WiFi", the number of subscribers is steadily increasing Without further"EMOBILE G4" realizing downlink maximum 42 MbpsDespite being the month in which the service of UQ WiMAX started, it is very interesting that UQ WiMAX surpassed EMOBILE.

In December NTT DoCoMoHigh-speed communication service "Xi (Crossy)" using the next-generation high-speed communication standard "LTE" with maximum downlink 37.5 MbpsIn the future, each company will spark the high-speed data communication service market in the future, but while each company is beginning to lay down base stations for high-speed communication service, high speed · It is interesting to see how long the "UQ WiMAX" which realizes large capacity communication will be able to continue ahead of the area expansion speed etc.

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