Is color first, fruit ahead? Origin of the name "orange"

Although it is "orange" which is also called color in Japanese in general, there are few people who can answer the question as to whether the origin of the name of orange color was first or whether the presence of the fruit called Orange is the first Is it not?

"Is chicken first or egg ahead?Although it is a similar question to the proposition of "Orange fruit and orange, it seems that the answer has already come out.

Whether orange is first, orange is first, the answer is from the following.The Color Orange Was Named After the Fruit

Originally the orange fruit seed was brought in in 1493, the second voyage of Columbus, but the name of the color "Orange" is said to have been named from the orange fruit . It is not surprising to think that it is an orange fruit because it is an opposite pattern, so it is not surprising that the fruit comes first, as the actual order, it was adopted later as the color name .

Before the concept of "orange" was made, in the English-speaking world, the current "orange color" was called "geoluhread". "Geoluhread" was used to mean "yellowish red".

In the first place, the word orenge is derived from "naranja" which means orange tree in Spanish. While English-speaking people continue to use this word, they do not pronounce "n" at the beginning of "naranja", resulting in the word "orange" as a result.

And in the first half of the 16th century, the word "orange" is not only used to refer to fruit but also to be used as a word that shows "orange" as it is now.

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