DoCoMo, the rate plan will be upright in line with the release of the 905i series this winter

Previously at GIGAZINEDoCoMo may introduce installment sales of mobile phone terminalsI took up the story but finally scheduled to release this winter "905i seriesIn line with the launch of the plan, we are introducing a plan that partially abolished sales incentives.

With this, the rate plan will be two pieces with the conventional one, and it will be possible to choose a plan tailored to the usage of each mobile phone.

Details are as follows.
DoCoMo partially discontinues sales incentives from December | economic policy | economy | Sankei WEB

According to this article, NTT DoCoMo will introduce a new pricing system that discontinues sales incentives realizing "1 yen mobile" from the industry leadership in December when it releases the 905i series.

This is because mobile operators pay marketing incentives to dealers, supposing that the price of mobile phones exceeding 60,000 yen is supposed to be between 2 and 30,000 yen originally, making it easier for users to purchase, from the communication fee The current system of collecting sales incentives, there is a problem that users who use the same terminal for a long time are lost.

And in the new fee system that docomo is planning to introduce, although it is said that the communication fee becomes cheaper by discontinuing sales incentives instead of raising the price of the terminal, when the incentive is completely eliminated, use at the time of terminal purchase Because the burden of the person becomes too large, DoCoMo is searching for acceptable levels, and it is still unknown how much the communication fee will go down.

Is it still settled into a method such as installment sales and a method of partial abolition of sales incentives? It is worrisome.

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