Calbee "potato chips sweet chili sauce taste" is sour taste

I bought a newly released Calbee "potato chips sweet chili sauce taste" from July 2nd (Monday) and tried it. "Harmony of sweetness, sourness, spicy pea", but what was most effective was sour. Please note that it is not sold at this product, convenience store, so please be careful.

Details are as follows.
Potato chips sweet chili sauce taste

Description of sweet chili sauce.

I tried it on a dish. The appearance is totally the same as ordinary one.

Up. The scent is quite tight.

When you eat a bite, it is totally different from ordinary ones, a sour taste spreads in your mouth. It surely seems that the taste of the sweet chili sauce on raw spring roll is like this. Sourness is the most effective in sweetness, sourness, and spicy, depending on the thing, it is quite sour. Thanks to the sourness, it is quite spicy, so I feel only the pain that I can eat even people who are not good at it. On the whole it has become a mild curious taste like a sweet sour, and I eat it casually. However, it is a taste that likes and dislikes can be divided by people.

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