Morinaga's "Chocolate rather than grain" needs another hard work?

Morinaga tried to eat "Chocolate than chocolate" series released on Tuesday, September 18.

There are four kinds of lineups that changed slightly, such as "Navel Peel & Almond" "Honey Strawberry & Pistachio" "Shredded Almonds & Honey" "Salt Caramel & Crunch", but what is the taste like?

Details are as follows.
"Navel Peel & Almonds". It is a nice acidic navel orange and almond's chocolate.

"Honey strawberry & pistachio". He said he had pickled strawberries in honey. Is not it sweet?

"Shredded almonds and honey". Sliced ​​almonds and honey taste.

"Salt caramel & crunch". Caramel contains hidden taste salt.

I tried out the package.

Section of 'Navel Peel & Almond'. Almonds are abundantly used.

"Honey strawberry & pistachio" is white chocolate.

"Shredded almonds and honey". It is a nice feeling that almonds are packed tightly.

"Salt caramel & crunch". It has mellow caramel.

The impressions I tried are as follows.

· Navel Peel & Almond
The taste of nabe is too strong, and the taste of almond is not so much. I expected something like harmony ....

· Honey Strawberry & Pistachio
Although the taste of pistachio matches pretty sweet strawberries, there is a sense that the taste is blurred.

· Shredded almonds & honey
Because of honey, chocolate itself tastes pretty habit. The taste of almonds has changed a lot. The texture is the best in this.

· Salt caramel & crunch
I tasted like butter candy rather than salt caramel. The texture of the crunch that was crunchy may not fit too much for the melting caramel.

It was a taste that feels that none of them go beyond the reach point. I wish I could have balanced the taste a little more, but I will be missed.

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