I tried "I bought a bamboo shoots bamboo shoots tightly nuts"

Because Meiji in "convenience store" "bamboo shoots burned bamboo shoot nuts nuts" was sold, I bought and ate and tried it.

Although it is said that it took a long time, what kind of taste is it finished?

Details are as follows.
It is made of cookies containing three types of nuts: bitter chocolate, white chocolate with honey flavor, almond and macadamia, and hazel.

I opened it. It is individually wrapped.

It was nine pieces.

I ordered it on a dish. Somehow cute.

The cross section looks like this.

It is an impression that I tried to eat, but it is a rich taste as thirsty thirsty. Three types of nuts are crispy and very tasty. White chocolate with a slightly honey flavor, although it seems that it may certainly taste honed honestly if it is told, it is quite sweet.

Although it seems that the amount is small compared to the traditional bamboo shoots, it seems to be just a good amount as a snack to eat alone.

The official page is here.

Meiji Seika: Mountains of mushrooms and villages of bamboo shoots

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