Meiji Seika "Mountain mushrooms of mushrooms" is tastier than normal ones

Meiji Seika bought "Mushrooms mountain drossroad" which started selling on July 3 (Tue) immediately and tried it. It looks like black and it looks like a normal thing, and the taste is pretty bitter.

Details are as follows.
Meiji Seika: Mountain mushrooms of mushrooms

Boxes are based on normal where yellow and green stand out, and blue is on the base.

It seems to be "adult's deliciousness".

When you open the box, it is written about the mobile dice campaign.

There is a rugged description on the inside. For more informationMeiji Seika: Mountains of mushrooms and villages of bamboo shootsPlease check with.

I tried it on a dish. There are lots of black mushrooms.

I will try to get closer.

The section is also black.

I imagined what looked pretty black and pretty bitter, but the degree that chocolate became light bitter. Snacks are delicious cacao-flavored crunchy, compatible with chocolate is very good. The mountain of ordinary mushrooms is also delicious as a chocolate sweet but it is considerably tastier than that. It is unsatisfactory for those who wanted bitter sweetness like bitter chocolate, but would not you like people who like ordinary chocolate?

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