Fran "Clear clear milk" and "Kirito dry cacao" are perfect for summer

Summer coolness chocolat of Meiji cuisine "Fran" released nationwide from Tuesday, June 12 "Clear clear milk"When"Kirito dry cacaoI tried it.

As the name of "Kiritto" "Clear" shows, it seems to be "a frank pleasure in the summer" of the delicious taste.

Details are as follows.
The left is "Clear Clear Milk" and the right is "Cly Dry Cacao".

"Clear clear milk". Featuring fresh milk whipped white chocolat.

"Kirito dry cacao". This is a whipped chocolat with a mellow flavor.

We have three bags each. 4 bags of 1 bag.

I opened it on a plate. The left is "Cly Dry Cacao" and the right is "Clear Clear Milk".

Although I tried eating, "Clear Clear Milk" is somewhat mild taste, "Kirito Dry Cacao" is a bitter taste of bitter. But I do not feel a clear taste difference. Also, neither taste remains in the mouth with neat taste, so it may be just right for those who dislike the taste in the mouth. Personally I do not like to have too much bitter, so I'd like to raise my army to "Clear Clear Milk".

I thought that both chocolates are suitable for summer and easy to eat.

The product page is as follows.

Meiji Seika: Franc

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