"Mushroom mountain scented crisp" vs "Takaneko no Sato Azawa crunch"

I tried comparing the new product "Mushroom's Mountain scented crisp" and "Takaneko no Sato Azawa crunch" in the Meiji "Mountain of Mushrooms and Takeoko no Sato" series released on May 8 (Tue).

Both of them are pushing the good texture to the front, but which side will you win in this time?

Details are as follows.
"Takaneko no Sato Azawa crunch". Chewflake and coconut sauce and crisp texture.

"Mushroom mountain scented crisp" contains cornflakes and puffs.

I just opened the box.

There are 8 pieces each.

I tried it on a plate.

Although I tried to eat, "Takaneko no Sato" is very tasty crunchy inside. There is considerable crispness, there is eating to each one. I am happy for those who like the texture of usual "bamboo shoots".

Those who are "mountain of mushrooms" are delicious with outdoor chocolate with a mild taste, but the texture of puffs inside is the most common. It feels like a chocolate cornflake. Also, since chocolate and cracker are proportionate to chocolate than normal one, it may be irresistible for chocolate fondness.

Ultimately in the editorial section eventually the ranking went up to "Takaneko no Sato". Congrats.

The product page is here.

Meiji Seika: Mountains of mushrooms and villages of bamboo shoots

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