Meiki who made it difficult to melt by baking chocolate "Villa of bamboo shoots burned to chocolate"

"Bamboo shooted bamboo shoots bamboo shoots bamboo shoots bamboo shoots" (210 yen including tax) newly finished that baked a large grain "Takaneko no Sato" to chocolate has been newly released. Since I was able to taste solid chocolate until the end, I decided to eat it.

I can not touch it! New bamboo shoots village emerges "Bamboo shoots baked up to chocolate" New release

A package depicting a blue sky is characteristic.

The shape of the package is slightly different from "bamboo shoots" or "mushroom mountain".

It is uri that this time "bamboo shooted bamboo shoots burned to chocolate" will not melt even if it is in hand.

Despite the fact that the box is bigger than the normal "bamboo shoots", the number is seven grains as the object is large.

Raw materials are here. The amount of content is 40 grams and it is about half the amount of "Takaneko no Sato".

The calorie per box (40 grams) is 215 kilocalories.

Let's open it.

It contains seven grains and is individually packaged.

It is like a shape that made "Takaneko no Sato" plump.

The part of chocolate has been baked and feels like a chocolate crunch.

When it says "Takeoko no Sato" side by side, the "bamboo shoots burned to chocolate" is one size larger.

Not only the size, but also the thickness of the chocolate covering the cookie can see a big difference.

The part of cookie is finished to the texture of crispy puffed crisp.

The feeling of crispness in the part of cookie is being strengthened, and the size is also getting a little bigger, so eating is enough. In addition, "Takaneko no Sato" is a texture that the part of chocolate melts out as a trolley, but the texture of "bamboo shoots baked up to chocolate" has been crispy until the end. This is probably because the part of the chocolate is hard to melt, but I decided to make sure by saying, "Is it really difficult to melt?"

The left side is "Takaneko no Sato", the right is "Bamboo shoots burned to chocolate".

When I grasp it for about 2 minutes ... ...

Certainly "bamboo shoots burned to chocolate" is difficult to melt, even if you grasp the part of flap and chocolate will fall off.

In other words, this also affects the texture, people who "taste the crisp and crispy texture with eating and responding firmly with large grains" chose the "bamboo shoots baked to chocolate" and "chocolate trolley People who want to taste the melting feeling "is OK if you choose" bamboo shoots ".

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