I ate "that bamboo shoots bamboo shoots bamboo shoots bamboo shoots bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots ichigo" that we baked the "bamboo shoots of the bamboo shoots" for the summer

Exquisite crispy cookies and baked chocolate are new products of bamboo shoots seriesBamboo shoot bamboo shoots"When"Bamboo shoot bamboo shoots village strawberry"Wednesday, June 23, 2015 started selling nationwide. It is said that it is becoming "a bamboo shoots village easy to eat even in the summer" where chocolate will not melt even if it is baked in chocolate, so I actually purchased and tried it.

"Baked bamboo shoots village" began! "Bamboo shooted bamboo shoots of bamboo shoots", "Bamboo shooted bamboo shoots bamboo village"

"Bamboo burned bamboo shoots bamboo village (right)" and "bamboo shooted bamboo shoots riko strawberry (left)" that I bought.

In the upper right corner of the package is the letter "Do not get in my hands!"

It seems that a spicy cocoa cookie is used for the "cookie part that burned bamboo bamboo shoots" and "bamboo baked bamboo shoots village strawberry" part.

In raw materials, cocoa butter and cocoa powder are used in addition to sugar, flour, whole milk powder, etc. The content is 43 grams. Raw materials include wheat · egg · milk ingredients · soybean allergens.

Nutritional constituents of "Konbaki bamboo shoots bamboo shoots bamboo shoots bamboo shoots barked" contains 230 kcal of energy, 3.2 g of protein, 12.1 g of lipid, 26.9 g of carbohydrates, 42 mg of sodium, per one box (43 g).

This is the raw material of "Konbaki bamboo shoots bamboo noisato ichigo". The content volume is 43 grams which is the same as "Konbashi baked bamboo shoots of the bamboo shoots", apples are increasing among allergens.

Nutritional ingredients per bottle (43 g), energy is 233 kcal, protein is 2.5 g, lipid is 12.7 g, carbohydrate is 27.2 g, sodium is 46 mg.

Comparing the box sizes of the regular version of Takeoko no Sato (upper) and Konbashi Takakeko no Sato (Bottom), it looks like this, it is a thick box than the regular version.

That's why I first came up with "Bamboo Baked Takinoko no Sato".

There are 8 small packets inside.

When opening the package it looks like this. The surface of the coated baked chocolate has irregularities and is not glossy than ordinary chocolate.

"Compare the bamboo shooted bamboo shoots (left)" and "Takekeno no Sato (right)". The size is about 1.5 to 2 times of the normal version.

Pinch with your fingers like this. With a sense of size as big as the thumb, since it is grilled chocolate, chocolate will not melt even if you hold the chocolate part with your fingers. Actually when eating with pakuri, the crispy feel of cookie is as usual bamboo shoot village, I feel bitterness slightly because I am using cocoa cookie. Baked chocolate is different from normal version "melts in mouth" chocolate, it felt like collapsing with holography every time she chews in the mouth, the mouthfeel is very refreshing coupled with the crispy feeling of the cookie part. "Konbashi baked bamboo shoots of bamboo shoots" is totally sweeter and flavorful than the regular version, but since the cookie is cocoa flavor, it is completely different from "baked bamboo shoots of the regular version" It has become one.

Comparing cross sections of "Konchi burned bamboo shoots (left)" and "Takeoko no Sato (right)" look like this. It is wide and the proportion of cookies is large.

Next we will open "Konchi burned bamboo shoots of riko strawberry" with Pakari and eat it.

8 grains as well as "Konbashi burned bamboo shoots" are included.

It looks like this, it is distinctive that the top is slightly drawn. When you actually eat it, the sweetness and sourness of strawberry chocolate are felt firmly, and the exquisite balance coupled with the slight bitterness of cocoa cookie is very good.

"Bamboo shoots bamboo starchIn comparison with eating, the "bamboo baked bamboo shoots of ichigo" has a better balance of chocolate and cookies, and it seems that you can feel the presence of chocolate and cookies firmly.

Comparing the sizes of "Bamboo burned bamboo shoots strawberry (left)" and "Takeko no Sato kneaded strawberry (right)" look like this.

The cross section looks like this, "Bamboo baked bamboo shoots ichigo (left)" uses cocoa cookie for cookies, while "bamboos village kneaded strawberry (right)" uses plain cookie.

The "Konbashi baked bamboo shoots of the bamboo shoots" and "Bamboo shoots baked bamboo noisato ichigo" are on sale all over the country from June 23, 2015, and the reference retail price is 200 yen per tax.

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