Calbee 'Onion rings taste salty' is not salty, but tasty

Calbee's "Onion Ring Taste Salty Taste" was released at convenience stores, so I immediately bought and ate it.

Since onion rings rarely have the opportunity to eat, it is very interesting what kind of taste it is.

Details are as follows.
It is a snack with an onion kneaded in it.

I opened it on a plate. The amount is small.

Although I tried eating, first the taste was not salty at all. Feeling that the taste of powder soy sauce used for seasoning is on the front. However, the aftertaste looks like an onion and the sweetness of a little onion spreads in the mouth. The editorial staff unanimously agreed that "it is tasty, but this is not salty." The smell is a sweet and fragrant smell mixed with soy sauce and the smell of onions.

I have tried to eat because I have lunch and lack of lunch, but because the amount is too small, it was not quite enough.

The official page is here.

News Release Onion Ring

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