I tried Yamayoshi's "Potato Chips Korean Grilled Syrup Taste"

Yamayoshi (Yamayoshi) 's "Potato chips Korean grilled chicken taste" was lining up at convenience stores, so I bought and tried it. It seems that it is a commodity sold since February 26.

I often hear "grilled chicken", but I have never seen "Korean grilled chicken taste" much.

Details are as follows.
It seems that you are using grilled chicken and sesame oil.

Garlic and red pepper as a spice, using white pepper. It looks heavy.

I ordered it on a dish. Although it looks noragiri, the smell is Korean paste itself.

Although I tried eating, I truly faithfully reproduce Korean paste. it's amazing. The savory fragrance of sesame oil and the fragrance of garlic contained in spices are mixed, not only to appetite but also the taste of Korean pasta itself.

It is an unusual type of chips, but it is rather tasty. Recommended for those who like Korean paste.

The official page is here.

Potato chips Korean grilled snack flavor February 26 (Mon) released

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