Headline news on March 5, 2007

tomorrowMarch 6, The Republic of Ghana became independent from England on March 6, 1957, and Japan Airlines began operating around the world on March 6, 1967. And on March 6, 2005, Japan's first practical linear motor car "Linimo" opened. Such a day.

So, today's headline news.

Attempt to make network worm visible - Hitachi Incident Response Team (MYCOM Journal)(Follows the movement of packets sent by internet, worm)

J-CAST news: next-generation DVD compatible with 2 standards "shared machine" rapid development(New technology, which one you can use)

Launched the new type "1 g pure gold business card"(Memo, it seems to be ten thousand yen)

Game * Spark -: Can you control by just thinking? Sensor helmet appearance by Taka(Gadget, this is easy)

ITmedia + D mobile: mysterious terminal "F903i BSC" goes through JATE(Mobile, BASIC?)

Life is a god game(Life, some people may be kiss)

Is SNS usage in Japan already limited? - CNET Japan(SNS, if that population does not increase, the limit will come true)

ITmedia Biz.ID: Convenient usage of "Execute with specified file name" (Part 1)(Windows, convenient technique to remember)

Waste save place - I was terrible(Home server, Apo Ralla putting house search and server seizure)

Waste evacuation place - The fact that the server was confiscated. I understood the atmosphere as to what kind of thing was going on.(Home server, above continuation)

Slashdot Japan | Unavoidable things are put on servers and searching for houses(Home server, many other interesting cases)

A manga artist who issued two or more hit works of trace syndrome(2 ch, unexpectedly less)

∇ New product "GAKUEN EX series" Announcement of academic sale: PDF file(System useful for corporate and university management)

Natsumi Kan @ Hatena - How to use convenient stationery & stationery Summary(Stationery, idea)

ITmedia News: Nishijin weave "Outside mobile range" Development of "shielded kick-off" that does not pass electromagnetic waves · Kyoto(Mobile, applying the technique of traditional Nishijin traditional "gold and silver threads")

Dell announces business strategy for the new fiscal year(Company, Dell 2.0)

Important notice of prepaid service concerning Tu-Ka mobile phone service termination(Mobile, close to end of pre-registration)

ITmedia + D Mobile: What can be done with Bluetooth - "EM · ONE"(Mobile, wish to implement on the next W-ZERO 3)

ITmedia + D Mobile: Can you connect to a PC and make it a modem? - "EM · ONE"(Mobile, communication speed is perfect)

JP - NEWS - Notice Regarding Commencement of Regional Limited Full Time Employee System - Uniqlo.com(Company, contract employees and semi-employees to regular employees)

When you want to refresh to exhaustion / congestion of eyes at work / examination study! "Eye eye eye drop" released(Medicine, wonderful naming)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - About a quarter of the total is already an IE 7 user(Software, it is a story in Japan)

"I tried going to Haruhi" nearly 100 gashapons(Animation, influence of popular work)

Cherry blossom information flower viewing 2007 | Excite season calendar(Excursion, scheduled for cherry blossom viewing)

Development of a security system for condominiums that improves convenience by resident's hands-free entry and prevents unauthorized persons from collaborating(It might be good for crime prevention, living alone ladies)

J-CAST news: It is possible to register organ donation intention display card on mobile(If you do not have mobile, mobile phone, will Mazuya come?

Release of "Rockman" with a Strategy Book set(Game, no need to memorize dead)

Go over the chasm! - Home appliance maker, get out of that outdated UI right now(Operation of home appliances, digital home appliances is not good)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Contents of 'Make-up TV Trials' Shaking a TV Station (1/4)(Subscribers watch television via television and the Internet)

12 messages sent from boss to subordinates | P O P * P O P(Communication, it may be interesting to print and paste)

Believe that Flash can not get into the search engine(Search, if you do not want to get caught it is necessary to deal with it properly)

Significant increase in the number of members of Moba gateown - Is TV CM effective as well? (Mobile Soul - Mobile industry news and marketing research blog)(Mobile, beyond mixi)

Rikaishi Stone Voice CD "SUBARI SAFETO!" Sample release(Anime, extra original drawing collection)

Somehow flamenco - Pregnancy / childbirth Funo hont(Truth of rumor, as reference for childbirth)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Summary eating of noodles(Tasting, I'd like to try it)

304 Not Modified: The splendor of the Internet(Internet, good things to find what you want)

Media · Pub: Widget Marketing rising rapidly, Widget appearing 100 million times a week also appeared(The possibilities of Windows and Vista widgets are high)

What did you separate FPN-Nico Nico from Rimo?(Net service, whether to increase advertising value or not)

Incoming cell phone in court, not worthy of imprisonment | Excite News(Mobile, a judge angry with ringtones)

Successfully render harmless lung cancer "asbestos" as "harmless" with "salt"(Environment, squirting)

Full-scale advertising business with MS's online service business, new structure: ITpro(Business, ad delivery to Windows Live)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: tour around the store for those who forgot to buy souvenirs(Souvenirs, also in Osaka)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Think of the strange combination that goes beyond "persimmon seed" + "peanut"(Food, compatibility with beans other than peanuts)

ITmedia News: To release 512 Mbyte memory unit for MS, Xbox 360(Games, it's a good thing)

Banner advertising expenditure in Japan is 63.4 billion yen, steady growth - Net Ratings (MYCOM Journal)(Advertisements, personal loan related ads are falling)

Microsoft Expands Wanted Beta Tester for Windows Live Games (MYCOM Journal)(Game, game with Xbox and PC)

BBC partnered with YouTube and commented that "such partnership is indispensable"(I'm glad that movies, BBC news will be able to be seen)

@nifty, online preview of the first episode of "Anime Idol Master"(Anime, is it okay?

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