Lawson's "Habanero curry bread (large dry)" is quite a hot spicy

LAWSON of this summer is focusing on hardships,Habanero Mayo Frank,Red habanero roasted buckwheat noodlesI brought out the product called, but this is the last oneHabanero curry breadis. Pretty much Habanero was on the front in the former two, but how is involved with Habanero, a spicy partner called curry?

Details are as follows.
It is contained in such a bag.

It looks pretty orthodox curry bread.

The section looks something like this. There is a curry filled in.

I tried up it. Habanero is somewhat bright red image, but it looks like ordinary curry.

Even though it looks like the ordinary curry bread, it is dangerous if you get caught and get caught. At the moment I ate it, the spicyness of habanero comes out from the spice of curry, and it begins in the mouth. I am a bit puzzled by a different stimulus than the dry curry bun, but it certainly is a habanero when it tastes well. I do not recommend eating when the stomach is empty, but I feel like waking up at once when I eat this curry bun for breakfast.

Lawson 's release is below.

Hot items in hot summer! Product release using pungent "Habanero"! It is!

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