Spicy Snacks Summer Campaign, Super Tyrant Habanero vs Daimato Joroquia v Spicy Mania

A staple of spicy snacks, a new work of "Tyrant Habanero" series was released on July 21, along with a new work of "Maouro Joroquia" series, so I bought it at convenience stores. Habanero is "summer of super tyrant Habanero / Hiyahiya", Joloquia is "Summer of Jurokua Schwaszwa Daishika", it seems to be a product arranged in summer.

It was just released in June and I decided to compare eating as a male "spicy maniac" of spicy snack, which had not been decided without paying much thought while purchasing, was rolling.

Review from below.
I can only meet this summer, hot and cool stimulus! It is! Super tyrant Habanero · Hiyahiya summer Daibou kyo Joloquia · Schwasswa's summer new release

Japan Frito LTD. | New product information | "Spicy Mania Habanero Taste"

Mint flavored "super tyrant Habanero / Hiyahiya summer".

Cool horse spicy ...?

This is "Summer of Joloquia · Schwasswa", which was stimulated like carbonic acid.

She seems to be a crying nightmare, it is not an appetizing expression so much ....

And this is "spicy mania".

Before,I ate red pepper tasteAlthough it may be, this time is the strongest habanero taste in hot history mania history.

"Recommended only for you who like super spicy", the atmosphere seems to be refused seemingly.

I tried it on the dish. The red red ring in the back is a hot mania, the jagged in front of the left is Habanero, and the front in the right is Joloquia.

First of all I tried eating a large number of series Habanero, but the hotness is not a big difference from what I have ever had, so after a meal the taste like Sue and herb comes over. Because it is a mint flavor, it is quite cool as the tyrant says. Joroquia has a feeling of splashing with carbonate Schwaszwah at the moment he put it in his mouth. Spicyness is also spreading in the mouth with Schwasthwa, but may be stronger in acidity than pungent. And the problem is spicy mania. In the editorial department, people who are not good at hot things have avoided eating saying "I'm in trouble with work", but it seems that it was correct answer, apparently because my spicy stomach surprised my stomach A state where editorial staff who began to say rumor appears. At first, the editorial staff who likes painful things had eaten saying "this is a huge", but it is a firm spirit that admit that "it is painful all over". It may be better to avoid circumstances other than spicy things you can admit to both yourself and others.

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