Eat compared with usual 5 times hot "Columno God God Izumo Chilli" and the "Hiba Nero Taste of Hot Spicy Mania History" that has reached the limits of spicy

A famous sweet as a horse spicy snack is "Tyrant HabaneroHowever, from before it was released that phrase "Potato is hot and why" is Koikeya's "Columno"is. I heard about the fact that hot chilli taste five times as hot as using chili peppers called God Izumo chilli in columnacho was heard, so I bought it quickly.

Then, at a convenience store, a super hot spicy snack that you remember considerably suffered a lot ago "Spicy mania」Was released a bit for renewal, so I decided to eat it with Columno.

Both of them are crispy, but which is delicious?

Review from below.
Columno potatoes are hot and why is delicious! | Lake Ikebayashi Co., Ltd.

Japan Frito Relay Co., Ltd. | New product information | "The strongest habanero taste of spicy mania history"

The left is "Strongest Habanero Taste in Spicy Mania History", right is "Columno God God Izumo Chilli".

The spicy mania was just seeking a challenger.

How awful logo ... ....

"Are you able to withstand this spiciness?" Very challenging phrase. There is a note below that. It is wisely that you do not eat the people or children who are not good at painful things, as the really hotness is really unusual.

The content is only 60 g, and if you eat ordinary snacks quickly you will eat it quickly, but only for spicy maniacs it is hard to eat.

Impression of people who ate samples. The inside of the mouth after eating is certainly amazing, but eating too much makes the toilet of the next day painful.

On the other hand, it seems to be an easier package compared to spicy mania.

Still it's five times hot. The difference from conventional products is amazing ... ....

God Izumo chilies are domestic red peppers that can be taken at Shimane.

Here is 105 g.

So I tried it on the dish.

As you move your face closer, something like tingling and pain or itch will run.

It looks like usual columno but it is dangerous to lick it.

"Spicy maniac" is dangerous if thrown into the mouth, so I tried gnawing a bit. At first I think that it is "hot", but after about 3 seconds it will explode quickly, it will hurt past the painful and no longer hurts. The lips that the snack touched also hurts, and I feel that the tongue no longer recognizes the taste. However, the editorial staff who likes painful things was eating crisp while saying "Well, it is certainly painful," so it may be a good stimulus to like spicy things. It is a type of food that you should not do to make people who are not good at hot spots eat with mischief, with a feeling like dedicated to the end. "Columno" is better than that, but since the five-fold spirit is not a lie, the editorial staff who ate about twice as if thinking it was an ordinary columnoch were out of fury. Spicy like coming out from inside and inside. I hate it if I like hot items too.

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