I ate "Tyrant Habanero - Mexican Wilderness Hen ~"

So I bought "Tyrant Habanero - Mexican Wilderness Hen ~". Expect greatly as to how much has changed compared with the normal version. Let's eat it at once.
There is such a message on the reverse side. It seems to be cactus.

Raw material is this street. Certainly it is written as "peach cactus".

I tossed roughly from the bag

It looks not too bad. The taste is the feeling that spicyness comes out of spicy like "Wow!" At the timing when reaching the eyes by reaching out to the eyes, thinking that the eye tastes well with "a lot of things is not good". Owarp enemy, this time Habanero is a surprise attack type.

In addition, details of this new Habanero are written in the following article.

GIGAZINE - This time Habanero is a green color "Tyrant Habanero - Mexican Wilderness Hen ~"

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