Scanner "BookDrive DIY" which can scan books for 1000 pages in one hour

With this, it is possible to save all the books occupying bookshelves into digital data and save them. The feature is that you can scan any book without damaging it. It is possible to use thin paper like a dictionary. If it's a normal flat bed scanner it will hurt the book because it pushes the book out, but if it is a kore it is safe and secure, and it is also fast.

The price is cheap and cheap $ 3499, roughly 390,000 yen. By the way, it is 150 thousand dollars, about 16.8 million yen if it is a special scanner to scan ordinary books fully automatically. I think you will find that it is frighteningly cheap.

Let's see what kind of mechanism it is so cheap.
BookDrive DIY

The overall configuration is as follows.

In short, it installs a digital camera in the upper two places and shoots the spread page of the book placed on the V-shaped stand at once. Needless to say, page turning is "manual". Therefore, the more you become proficient, the higher the scan speed will be. Logically it seems to be able to scan as much as 1,800 pages in an hour.

Please note that the supported digital cameraCanon EOS seriesis.

Then, the scanned image is processed by software as follows.

Cut out only the page from the actually scanned image. If you want to convert it to text, you can do it later by OCR. Actual examples are posted on the following page. It seems quite excellent.

Atiz: BookDrive DIY Sample

In the case of Japanese books, it is okay to go to the page cutting out and let the actual OCR be read as an image file in the special software.

Well, it is pretty powerful, but those who are in danger of not being thrown away to throw away a large number of books may have room for a thought.

Incidentally, the fully automated book scanner that does about 16,800,000 yen that I wrote in the first person is like this mechanism.

Popular Science | Kirtas APT BookScan 1200,18881,537110,00.html

It looks pretty intelligent. Incidentally, the method to shoot with kore with a digital camera. Dimensions are 850 (W) x 750 (H) x 1200 (D) mm, weight is 75 kg and available in Japan.

The movie image of the place where it actually operates is on the following site.

PRINT PORT: Automatic book scanner that processes 1000 to 3000 pages per hour

As expected, the 10 million yen scanner is amazing.

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