I tried a renewal version of Tyrant Habanero and a forbidden Thai version

Previously introducedI bought a new product "Tyrant Habanero - Forbidden Tie Hen ~" and a "Tyrant Habanero" that changed its shape as a tyrant Habanero / world conquest series. It seems to be quite different from Habanero as it is, but what kind of taste is it?

Details are as below.
The back side of the bag. It encourages attention to people who are not good at children and hardships.

Contents is like this.

The forbidden Thai version is pink.

Renewal version like fried food.

Although I tried eating, the renewal version has become quite tasty as the shape changes. The jaggedness increases the surface area to which the spice adheres and the spicyness is also strong, but the onion contained in the dress has complemented the taste. Also, because the firmness has been raised slightly, the texture is getting better and it has become a good deal to really power up.

The forbidden Thai version tastes like shrimp. Because the durian is contained, the sour taste is quite strong and the pungent taste is mild so it is not too bad to eat it. Is not it good for habanero beginners because the balance of spicyness and purity is good?

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