I tried "Tyrant Habanero - Enchanted Indian Story ~"

That's why I bought a new Habanero "Tyrant Habanero - Enchanted Indian Story ~" which was released under the name of the world conquest journey since the release on September 4, 2006 (Monday), so I bought it. The taste is tandoori chicken taste.

How tasty does it have a juicy taste ... ?.
He seems to be using Indian style ethnic spices.

The raw material of contents is like this. I have put them in various ways ... ....

Try out it on a plate as rough and like this

Poteco is quite strong, but the person who tastes the most is the feeling of normal chicken rather than tandoori chicken. There is not much juicy atmosphere indeed, but the deliciousness when you first put it in your mouth is pretty good. However, when trying to swallow, the hardness of the example habanero is a direct hit, a gar.

So, I gave up just by eating just a couple of pieces ...... It is hard for me to eat continuously.

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