Raw oil flavor that appeared in dry snacks "Columno" and "Carl", taste review

ColumnoSpeaking of which is a representative of dry snacks. AndcurlIs a well-known snack confectionery in CM. Both are high-profile products.

As the two kinds of sweets appeared with the flavor of the oil, I bought it and tried it.Momoya "The spicy bitter spicy oil that is not spicy" appearanceIt breaks from around and it is "lucrous taste" which new products have been released here and there for more than half a year, but what kind of flavors did these major snacks really have made?

Details are as below.
The left is "Columno Dry Rice Oil MIX", the right is "Carl Mild Seasoned Pungent and Deep Umami Riced Taste." It is coincidental, neither is a yellowish package.

First I will look at "Columno".

It seems that the columno Brando is the best sales in Japan by spicy snacks.

It seems that it is becoming a flavor of rice oil which made garlic's umami effective.

549 kcal per 100 g. Because it is 105 g in one bag, if you can eat one bag alone as a snack a little calorie intake.

The flavor of rice oil is realized with "rice oil". It is the place where I want to know the most about what rar oil is.

One "curl".

It seems that it is a mild pain.

We also use mysterious rice oil.

247 kcal per bag. It is calorie lower than Columno.

I tried it on a plate.

Columno is less red than usual, so it looks spicy, but when I eat it I will stimulate my tongue. It is not like penetrating as it is hot, it feels as if it spreads out narrowly, it is lushed and heavy hotness. Regular columno is an image to eat while saying "He!", But this is an image that seems to be eating while feeling the spicyness which seemed to be hilarious "Fu ...".

Carl has a spicy rice oil taste on its surface, and its spicy atmosphere is like Momoya's rice oil. The smell was intense since opening the bag, and the stomach seems to swell just by this smell ... ....

Both of them seem to match beer 's snacks rather than as ordinary snacks. However, caution is necessary for the height of calories.

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