Collaboration between Tengara noodles and Columno's "Tonghua Mucho" review

Spicy Snack of Koikea "Columno"Nissin 's spicy ramen"Tongari noodles"Collaborated and released" Karashi Bibi - hemp taste "that is colorful and shiny at the same time.Super tyrant Habanero, Demon Lord Joroquia, spicy mania,The usual 5 times hot "Columno God God Izumo pepper"As I had eaten various spicy snacks, I bought it because I could not leave this alone.

"Columno Carrésibi - hemp gourd". I have chips, but I could not get it.

This product was born from a collaborative project "Unique Project" aiming for unique product development that has never existed by Nissin Foods and Lake Seisakusho.

The sticking mustache spice is made by blending three kinds of peppers, which are symbols of spiciness, peppers with irritating irritation (hoajao), garlic.

raw materials.

It is quite high calorie as 540 kcal per 100 g. By the way, one bag 102 g.

This is Tonkagi noodle "Tonghuru Mucho Mamo Ramen".

The lid is also bright red and emphasizes hotness.

raw materials.

This is 460 kcal per 100 g.

It has such a splurf beef spice and you can adjust it to your favorite spicy.

Contents is like this.

While pouring hot water to ramen and waiting for completion, we arranged the columno on the dish. A familiar bright red stick appeared.

It is slightly different from normal columno, it is spicy and hot. I feel that the pepper is strong. Honestly, the taste is quite tasty, so the level at which you can eat rice without this. Of course, it is also the taste of beer and juice, so it is a place I want to pay attention to taking too much salt and sugar.

And Mamoru Ramen is also completed. People and tofu are floating in a bright red soup, and those who do not like spicy things are likely to run away.

I tried putting walnut spices. The taste is different from the columno, originally it is called "Tonge noodle", the red pepper is intensified. The stimulation like stinging on the tongue is strong, and the impression that "tingling is painful" remains stronger rather than "hot and good". Although it is close to liking here, if you emphasize the hotness with red pepper surely the hotness (pain) will be strong but the taste will not rise, so you may want to reconsider the balance adjustment a bit ... .

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