Miyuki Yoko's "Fantasy Continent" is a free delivery decision, Yu Kai and Kai, Jend once again

Between 1994 and 1996, it was serialized as "Monthly Shonen Gag King" by Enix (now Square Enix), and later led to "the land of ticks" serialized in "Monthly Boys' Gangan" and "Monthly G Fantasy" Miyuki Mami's original work "Fantasy continentIt is clear that it will be delivered free of charge.

You can read the story that you love, which is made up of the kind hearted pure young boy, the youth Kai of the Holy Knight, and the dark elf gend who lost memory.

"Fantasy continent" will be posted by J comi: miyuki's blog

According to Miyuki Yoko's official blog, "Fantasy continent" will be delivered free from tomorrow, July 15th (Friday) at "J comic" which delivers out-of-print cartoons for free. The distribution schedule is scheduled around 20 o'clock.

Miyuki Yokoyama has posted the following comments on the distribution decision.

Because it is a work of the past, it is difficult, but characters that are memorable that I was planning since I was a student.
It is a pleasure to be open to the public on this occasion.
If you do not mind, it's free, so please read it and I'd appreciate it if you give us your impression on Twitter "# gensoutairiku".

Thank you.

The official page of "J comic" is below.

J comic

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