Columno and persimmon pea

From Monday, June 12, 2006, released at a convenience store nationwide. The price is open. Three types of "Columno", "Seed of hot spicy persimmon", "Peanut" are included in one. By the way, this "columno" itself is also three times as hot as normal ... is it okay?
To accompany a hot summer beer! "Columno shampoo Pee entering" New release "Columno Cyprus x seed of spicy persimmon x Peanut" Three types of roasts of appetizers Mix

"Columno" is a long-selling product that lasts more than 20 years since its release in 1984, with the keyword "Why is potato so hot!" It is a brand representing Japan with pungent snacks. "Column Choo persimmon pea entrance" to be released this time is "three times delicious" in three bags that you can taste three items popular in snacks such as "Columno", "seed of persimmon", "Peanut" at the same time. Exquisite match of exquisite hotness and crispy texture which is about 3 times of ordinary "Columno", crispy spicy of "seed of hot spicy persimmon", crisp texture, and "mild" taste of "peanut" It is delicious taste & texture of the Trinity.

It has already been released for over 20 years, is Columno? There was also a period of haze due to Habanero's catch-up for a while, but long-seller products seem not to be defeated so easily.

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