What is the difference between 'Koikeya Pride Potato Gastronomy Rock Salt', which Koikeya redefined the salty taste of potato chips? I actually tried it

February 7, 2022 (Monday) for the Koikeya's ' Pride Potato ' series, which is made with a unique manufacturing method of 'frying at three stages of temperature' and 'applying two stages of seasoning', sticking to 'the taste of domestic potatoes' ) From ' Koikeya Pride Potato Gastronomy Rock Salt ' has appeared. I actually tried the 'new standard salt' that pursued the ideal balance of sharpness and umami using two kinds of high-purity rock salt.

Koikeya Pride Potato | Product Information | Koikeya Co., Ltd.


This is the package of 'Koikeya Pride Potato'.

On the back, the pride potato's commitment to 'no umami seasoning or fragrance added' is written. Gourmand rock salt 'uses two types of high-purity rock salt. By using different grain sizes, we have achieved good sharpness and rich potato flavor. A new standard salt that pursues the deliciousness of potato chips. '.

Ingredient names include potatoes (Japan: not genetically modified), vegetable oils and fats, rock salt, and fermented seasoning powder.

Calories are 326 kcal per 60 g bag.

When I open everything from the bag, it looks like this.

Since it says 'rock salt', I wonder if the salt grains are large, but I rarely see salt grains on the surface of the potato chips.

When I tried it, it wasn't as good as '

hardened potatoes ', but it was thicker than general potato chips and had a crispy texture. Also, because the saltiness was not so strong, I could feel the taste of potatoes firmly, and I had the impression that it was like eating french fries. It's a fairly elegant finish, so it doesn't have the junk of ordinary potato chips, but it has a well-balanced taste that makes you want to keep eating it forever.

The reference retail price of Koikeya Pride Potato Gourmand Rock Salt is 150 yen excluding tax.

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