'Spicy Pizza Potato' tasting review that makes the combination of spicy spiciness and mild and rich cheese addictive

Calbee's potato chips, 'Pizza Potato,' which appeared in 1992 and is still very popular, are now available with a new flavor, ' Spicy Pizza Potato, ' which is topped with habanero and added spiciness. It is said that the pizza sauce with rich cheese and spices is finished in a addictive taste, so I actually tried to see what it tasted like.

Spicy Pizza Potato | Calbee


The package of spicy pizza potato looks like this.

Cheese-flavored flakes, red pepper, habanero, etc. are used as raw materials. The content is 60g.

Calories are 331 kcal per bag.

When I put it on a plate, the rich cheese scent peculiar to pizza potato drifted.

Comparing spicy pizza potato (left) and ordinary pizza potato (right), it looks like this. The spicy pizza potato is a little yellowish.

The moment you put it in your mouth, you think it's the same as a normal pizza potato, but the taste is gradually spicy. However, the mild taste of cheese is not 'spicy tongue', but the spiciness is alleviated, so the editorial staff who ate in anticipation of 'spicy habanero' said, 'Slightly spicy is not enough.' Also the voice.

Compared to ordinary pizza potatoes, ordinary pizza potatoes do not have the stimulus of 'spicy', so you can feel the original taste of potatoes. The spicy pizza potato had an accent of 'spicy' and had a taste similar to 'pizza with Tabasco'.

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