`` Potato chips consomme W punch butter taste '' tasting review that can be eaten crisply without guilt with a mellow taste

From January 16, 2023 (Monday), Calbee's `` Potato Chips '' has a new product limited to convenience stores, `` Potato Chips Consomme W Punch Butter Flavor '', which was well received in 2022, so buy it. I tried it.

News Release 'Potato Chips Consomme W Punch Butter Flavor' | Calbee Inc.


I bought 'Potato Chips Consomme W Punch Butter Flavor' at a convenience store. 1 bag is 177 yen including tax.

The raw material looks like this. Chicken consomme powder, beef consomme powder, and butter powder are used.

364 kcal at 66 g per bag. Salt equivalent is 0.8g.

It is a limited-time item that adds the mellow richness of butter to '

Consomme W Punch '.

When I try to eat it, the taste itself is still similar to 'Consomme W Punch', but compared to 'Consomme W Punch' where the strong taste of consommé comes directly, the overall taste is round and gentle. Feeling like. The taste of butter is not so strong that I feel that ``this area is buttery,'' but it seems to contribute to the mellowness. I got the impression that the “guilty feeling of eating food” has been reduced, and the taste has been put together to make you want to reach out one after another.

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